katiezka-deactivated20130405 sent: i love your taste in movies! :)

thanks c:

juliettebrioche sent: Just want to say that your haircut is beautiful!

Thanks c:

brave-sir-deactivated20130714 sent: I don't usually do this but you're kind of really cute.

why, thank you!  c:

jolierey sent: awesome blog :)


Anonymous sent: Sofia Coppola, Claire Danes or Winona Ryder

Marry: Sofia Coppola

Fuck: Claire Danes

Kill: Winona Ryder 

Anonymous sent: sammie, savvy, ashley

I will marry them all and we can be sister wives

aestheticizer sent: Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson.

Marry: Wes Anderson

Fuck: Jason Schwartzman 

Kill: Owen Wilson

Anonymous sent: huevos, huevos, huevos

fuck: frijoles 

marry: frijoles

kill: frijoles 

yourenglishrose sent: Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, & (young) Leonardo DiCaprio. Muahahaha <3!

Marry: Ryan Gosling

Fuck: Leonardo DiCaprio 

Kill: Joseph Gordon-Levitt :c

meowdollface sent: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James McAvoy, & Johnny Depp.

Marry: James McAvoy

Fuck: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Kill: Johnny Depp 

Anonymous sent: Lux, Charlotte, and Marie Antoinette

Marry: Charlotte

Fuck: Lux

Kill: Marie Antoinette 

Anonymous sent: Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, Dale Cooper

Marry: Dale Cooper

Fuck: Audrey Horne

Kill: Laura Palmer

Anonymous sent: daniel alvarado ryan gosling or joaquin phoenix

marry: ryan gosling

kill: joaquin phoenix

who the fuck is daniel avocado?

Anonymous sent: love your blog xx


Anonymous sent: what music do you like?

Ughhh there are so many artists that I really like!  I’ll just say what I’ve been obsessed with lately…

That’s all I can think of at the moment c: